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Conduct direct marketing using the best email marketing service provided by Britainn Digital.



Britainn Digital will adjust your strategy or create one for you to identify your new prospects.


We'll build segment list, set up new processes, increase deliverability, and re-engage cold mail lists.


Continuous monitoring and review is a major thing in email marketing. Our team analyze 24/7 for best results

Our Services

Our Email Marketing Campaigns That Help Business Growth

Email List Building

Email List Building

We will help you build an active subscriber list using inbound email gathering strategies.

Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch

We'll handle your campaign launch from email workflow planning through automation.

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking

We'll manage and monitor your campaign, as well as constantly tweak it for the best results.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

We'll do A/B tests to determine the ideal email component mix for maximum ROI.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

We'll provide you detailed monthly reports that detail your email campaign's performance.



We can design and deliver weekly newsletters to keep your readers informed.

Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails

We can create custom email campaigns to promote any event, product, or service.


Webinar Registrations

We can create campaigns to attract the ideal individuals to your webinar.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

We can set up automatic drip campaigns to guide your prospects through the sales funnel.

What Makes A best flexibleaffordable
Email Campaign?

Email Marketing Strategy

We build a plan around your important factors and brand identity to increase sales.

Strong Calls-to-Action

Keep an eye on your open rate. To encourage readers to take the next step, we'll create an eye-catching call-to-action.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets may boost trust. Request contact information for a free eBook, newsletter or promo code and more on.

Our Email Marketing Agency can assist

Adopt a Customer-Centric Approach

Produce Excellent, Long-Lasting Leads

Monitor ROI

Reconnect with Old Connections

Automate your Follow-up Plan


What Makes Us the Best Email Marketing agency?

Our email marketing experts can help you develop a successful campaign.

We helped a customer establish a 20000+ email list.

We've launched campaigns with 13% open and 48% response rates.

In three months, we raised conversions by 128%.

We developed gated content to build targeted email lists.

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A Glimpse of Our Success Results

We continue to supply customers with creative solutions that continually create value. We made their investment worthwhile and assisted them in achieving their objectives.

Targeted Subscribers
More Leads & Conversions
Response Rate

How Can We Help You?

We will respond to each and every one of your queries.

Customers open emails that seem relevant to them. So, initially, you must grasp your customer's expectations and priorities. “Is the email content, particularly the subject line, important to my customer?” Customers respond quickly to tailored communications with appropriate calls to action. They do read and react if you generate urgency. Focus on the customer's value and the advantages you provide.

Subject lines should be compelling enough to elicit the action of opening the email.

It is the very first thing your subscribers will notice. It serves as your entry point to more communication.

Therefore, make it customized, succinct, and convey an important point to the audience. You just have 3-4 seconds to make an impression and convince someone to read an email. By specifying a deadline, you might elicit inquiries or build urgency.

Email open rate measures how many people saw your email.

No one will engage with your content or brand if they don't open your email. Email open rates of 10-15% work nicely for senders.

This varies by sector and target demographic. True, open rate alone does not indicate campaign success. What people do once they open your email matters the most.

Customers will overlook an email subject line many times if it is irrelevant. But if it happens again, they become annoyed and unsubscribe. So, send useful emails to your customers. Don't bombard your subscribers with sales emails. Send information about your business and products to engage with consumers. You may also educate them on current industry trends.

Email is used to communicate with consumers, so make the most of it. We know you have more questions to ask. Ask questions of our team of experts.

A/B testing is a terrific tool for determining the most effective email marketing techniques and timing for your unique audience and situation. All of your email, from the template to the subject line to the headline, may be tested. In order to get you started, here's a list of some suggestions:

  • Call-to-action
  • Headline
  • Images
  • Message in subject line
  • Design of the message's layout (one-column or two)
  • Personalization 

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