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WordPress Malware and Site Clean Service To Maintain Your Website Health

Our research-driven technologies keep us ahead of security threats. Britainn Digital has the finest malware removal expertise.

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Detailed Full Website Scan

All files and database will be scanned deeply for infections.

File & Database Security Audit

Hands on audit of all critical site files and database for better security.

Full Site Security Enhancements

We will take action to protect your site from future attacks

Detailed Website Cleanup Report

Full outline of every task that was completed by our agent

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We will develop it visually.

We Have the best flexibleaffordable

Easily Manage Your Website Content

WordPress System Provide Easy Process to manage content as a CMS. User can Easily Manage their Contents.

Unlimited Contents & More

Don’t limit yourself - You can add images, text, files, links, and embed media right on the content areas of your pages

Integrated News & Blog Posting

Take advantage of built-in blogging and blog category management by easily adding/editing/removing content.

Flexible Post Scheduling

Posts can be scheduled to display at specific dates/times so that you can create content ahead of time and schedule it to be published.

Managed Website Security

WordPress has a best security option to maintaing the site. Best tools and plugins helps to protect the site.

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Guaranteed fix

Seamless integration


By Using best website malware checker tools and technique we ensure your site must reach on the top pick of speed .

Trusted by Global Companies

We are partners of various word class leading technology giants.


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A website gets hacked when hackers inject malicious code through backdoors. Your website may have backdoors from a previous infection or nulled files.

Your website may have shared hosting space with another site (for example, in one cPanel account). It's unlikely the web host at large has a problem, but it does happen. Our team can investigate and diagnose.  

First, it could be a vulnerability that keeps getting exploited. For example an out of date plugin or theme.

Second, you may not be removing some infected code. An attacker may exploit a vulnerability and leave a backdoor. Your site may be infected for many months before the backdoor is used. 

Our team can scan through to find these backdoors.

 WordPress is a frequent target for hackers. Each of those extensions has fully readable code bases, and it is extremely popular software. It is extensible with a vast array of plugins and themes. Hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit websites, including yours. 

Exploits usually manifest themselves either as a complete site defacement, or as a redirect to an external phishing site. However, sometimes a site may appear normal but actually have malicious content uploaded somewhere in the site code.

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