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Best SEO Case Studies

We Found 15 Proven SEO Case Studies To Change Your SEO Game

Here are some of the top SEO case studies that have ever been released for your perusal. You may also want to learn from real-world instances of successful search engine optimization rather than simply theory by following the best practices that have been shown to work. If that appeals to you, then prepare yourself for a memorable experience.

The following is a collection of the best 15 SEO case studies 

You may speed up your SEO success by studying these SEO case study examples and putting what you’ve learned to good use on your own site. This is a brief idea about our SEO service because we create SEO strategies for your website with a mixture of these successful SEO strategies. Read these SEO success stories and you may want to take them as an inspiration for your own SEO strategy too.

Backlinko SEO Case Study: How I Increased My Organic Traffic by 652 Percent in 7 Days

To raise organic traffic to one of his websites by 652 percent, Brian Dean employed the “Skyscraper 2.0” technique. Using the same strategy, a brand-new article quickly rose to the top of Google’s search results. You may follow along with the case study’s images, important results, and step-by-step instructions.

How to Create a 74.5 Percent Converting Squeeze Page – Gotch SEO Example

See how Nathan Gotch utilized a 9-step technique to produce a 74.5 percent converting squeeze page. One of the sites that used the strategies disclosed in this case study had a 69 percent increase in traffic, so you know it works.

Ahrefs SEO Case Study: From 126 to 121,883 Monthly Unique Visitors in Just 6 Months


 Northmill, a Fintech firm based in Stockholm, is the subject of this SEO case study. Using competition research, you may create better content that attracts more readers and turns them into paying clients. To see precisely what Northmill performed during an SEO campaign to move from 126 unique visits to 121,883 in less than 6 months, read this report.

SEO Case Study: Diggity Marketing Increased Traffic by Fourfold and Increased Revenue by Twofold

This is one of the top e-commerce SEO case studies. How an e-commerce customer increased their traffic by 417 percent in only eight months is explained here. All of the SEO methods, content upgrades, and backlinking strategies will be provided to you in detail. In the end, the results speak for themselves: a monthly income gain of 112 percent, or an additional $48,000 in revenue every month.

SEO Case Study: Robbie Richards SEO Case Study | Robbie Richards SEO Case Study

A six-step approach that one SEO marketer utilized to push his client to the top of Google’s search results can be seen in this case study on search engine optimization. His organic traffic increased by 11,065 percent in only six months as a result of this method, outranking big-name businesses like Mashable. This is a real-world case study on how long it takes to rank well for a certain keyword.

The time it takes for a keyword to appear on the first page of Google may be seen in this case study. Getting thousands of visitors from search engines might take some time for a new post to be up and running in the search engine results pages. When will it get your turn? Exactly how long are we talking about here? If you’re curious about how to speed up your website’s search engine rankings, check out this data-packed example.

Cognitive SEO Case Study: Traffic Enhances SEO and Has an Impact on Google Rankings 

They found a direct link between an uptick in Reddit activity and an improvement in Google search engine ranks for a highly competitive topic. Get the lowdown on how they went from being ranked 74th to 8th in only one day on Google.

A WordStream SEO Case Study Reveals How I Quadrupled My Organic Traffic in Just 24 Months!

It took the author of this case study only a few months to go from 20,000 visits a month to more than 150,000 (a 600% increase). He went so far as to take down 90% of the blog’s posts. Learn how he employed the four SEO tactics he used in the appropriate manner to increase the number of visitors to his website.

Local SEO Success Story – SEMrush Blog Case Study

This case study discusses how to boost a business’s local SEO. There is an analogy to a local taxi service that is competing in a highly competitive market. Because you’re dealing with two sets of algorithms: organic search results and maps, local SEO may be difficult to master. To practically all major search queries inside the city, the author used the following steps to get this taxi company to show within the local map pack.

6 Month Case Study: 4xing Organic Traffic using Pure SEO Fundamentals

Between January and April, the site surveyed saw an increase in monthly traffic from 7,000 to around 68,000, making this an intriguing case study on SEO. Many basic mistakes were made by the site owner, despite the fact that he was doing a lot of good things. 

There’s no need for complicated SEO methods in order to push your blog or website to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). With technical SEO audits and off-page optimization methods like link velocity, anchor text ratios, and relevancy, the author’s site saw a quadrupling of traffic in the following six months after implementation.

Case Study: Leanne Wong’s SEO Techniques for Getting to Page 1 of Google

For your blog to appear on Page 2 of Google’s rankings, follow these five simple steps in this real-world case study. He ranked above a million other rival sites using the same techniques. When it comes to SEO, she explains how to use long tail keywords, Google’s predictive searches, and more.

How To 14x Your Search Traffic In 8 Months – Matthew Woodward SEO Case Study


SEO specialist Matthew Woodward has a number of SEO case study examples on his website. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your website’s traffic, this is the article for you! As a result of this guide, you’ll discover how to construct an effective plan of action by following seven simple stages. Our affiliate website saw a jump in monthly traffic from 2,732 visits to 38,420 by using the identical methods described in this case study (14x higher or 1,306 percent to be exact).

The Rise Interactive SEO Case Study demonstrates that a data-driven strategy may provide results.

The American Egg Board (AEB) is the subject of this SEO case study, a U.S. organization. In addition to the Just Mayo controversy, the AEB is most known for its long-running tagline, “The Incredible, Edible Egg.” To raise awareness, the AEB depends significantly on organic traffic; yet, year-over-year traffic and organic exposure have been steadily decreasing for the organization. Learn how Rise Interactive increased mobile traffic by 87% and desktop traffic by 22% using a site-wide integrated keyword strategy, an SEO-first approach to the site layout, and techniques to leverage on existing SEO equity..

58 percent increase in organic traffic to a leading analytical laboratory blog thanks to an integrated, keyword-driven blog strategy – TopRank Marketing SEO Case Study

If you’re looking for a quick and sweet example of SEO case studies, go no further than this one! It’ll take you less than three minutes to go through it. Even though it is a lengthy article, don’t allow that deter you from reading it. 

If you’re interested in how a prominent analytical laboratory in Minnesota increased its blog traffic by 58 percent using an integrated keyword-driven approach, you’ll find out here. An additional 33% increase in traffic to qualifying product pages and a 19% increase in total pageviews were achieved as a result of this upgrade.

Wastecycle SEO Case Study: Organic Visitors Increased by 87 Percent – Target Local Cities

Recycling and solid waste management are the focus of this case study for Wastecycle, the firm that commissioned it. Hallam’s digital marketing agency helped Wastecycle increase their company by using local SEO techniques to attract clients who were searching for local skip hiring. 

Check out the SEO case study to find out how the agency increased organic traffic by 87%, saw a 1500% spike in clicks for the search “skip hire,” and achieved page one positions for 297 different terms on Google.

Penalty Removal at DesignModo Increases Organic Traffic by 61.79 Percent – Reposition SEO Case Study

Because it focuses on Google penalty removals, this is a fantastic SEO success case study to read. You may also browse through in under a minute. Design Modo, a website for digital designers and developers, had an apparent partial penalty that was causing its organic traffic to decline month after month.

 The penalty was caused by Design Modo’s outgoing links rather than the customary inbound connections, according to the Reposition SEO service. After a few modifications and a reconsideration request to Google, organic traffic improved by 61.79 percent, with all keyword ranks improving by 86 percent.

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